Six Reasons why you Should Install Roller Shutters

One of the many ways to improve your home security is by installing roller shutters. That’s right; they are not just for office spaces or shops. While business owners usually use them as doors for their establishments, as a homeowner, you can add them to windows, patios or alfresco areas for added security. But as it is with all “extra” features you consider for your home, you’ll have this question in mind for roller shutters as well- are they worth it? We have compiled six reasons why you should install roller shutters.

Reasons To Install Roller Shutters

1. Security

As already mentioned, the primary reason to install roller shutters is that they offer more protection for your home. It’s tough to open them from the outside. Secure roller shutters are not easy to break through either. You also have the option to customize them and add additional locks and bolts for maximum security. Roller shutters also prevent glass panes from accidental damage like kids playing ball games.

2. Protection from extreme weather conditions

The destruction caused by cyclones and storms can weaken your walls and cause them to collapse. The storms can shatter your windows and damage the interior of your home as well. Roller shutters are highly effective against winds with speeds up to 100 km/h. When installed properly, they would barely even rattle when hit with such high-speed storms. They also shield your home from hailstorms and heavy rainfall. If you live in an area prone to cyclones, installing roller shutters would save you thousands of dollars worth of damages.

3. Sun protection

While curtains and blinds can reduce heat from the sun to a certain extent, they may still not be that helpful during the harsh summer months. When windows are fitted with roller shutters, they absorb the heat from the sunrays and prevent them from entering inside. These exterior roller shutters insulate your home and control the temperature so you can stay inside comfortably.

Six Reasons why you Should Install Roller Shutters

4. Conserve energy

Another reason to install roller shutters is that they help save energy and cut down on energy bills. Roller shutters are good heat regulators during winter and summer, which means you wouldn’t have to turn on your heater or air conditioner during those months.

5. Improve aesthetics

Installing roller shutters is a fantastic way to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. They are available in varying styles, colours and types. You can easily find roller shutters that fit with your home décor. You can also customize them to blend with any space. By doing so, you’ll be able to improve the value of your property as well.

6. Reduce Insurance Premium

Did you know that having roller shutters in your home can lower your insurance premium costs? When the administrators determine the cost of your insurance premium, they check if you’ve invested in security-enhancing features. As roller shutters are effective against burglaries and forced entries, your home will be considered to have less risk. Thus, installing them will help you save money by earning discounts on insurance premiums.

These are six reasons to install roller shutters in your home. Not only are they beneficial to your home security, but they offer financial and lifestyle advantages as well. Are you ready to install roller shutters in your home? EzyFit Doors offers roller shutters that are environmentally friendly and make your home feel like heaven. They reduce noise pollution and provide options to block light out when you need to. If you’re in Perth and needs our services, contact us today!