Which security door is right for your home?

how to choose security sreens

We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes and purchasing a security door is the best place to start! But how do you know which type of security door is right for your home?

When it comes to choosing the right security door for your home, it is important to know specifically why you want or need a security door in the first place.   So, it is important to ask yourself, “What will be the main purpose of my security door?”

The answer will help you ascertain what type of security door will best suit you and your home.

In our latest blog, we provide you with a summary of the types of security doors we offer, to help you find the right one for you.

Front Doors

The most popular security door for a home is a front hinged single or double door.

Some people choose to place a portico screen door at the front (if they have the right entrance to have it installed).  The right entrance for this type of installation is usually 2 – 3 metres in size.  A portico screen door encloses the whole portico area and effectively provides you with an extra front area, to hold bikes, shoes and even kayaks.

Mesh Doors

People will either display their front door with stainless mesh, or hide their door and hallway with a restricted visitor mesh door.

While we always recommend security mesh for your doors, there are some instances where security is not the highest priority. In this instance, we install Tuff Mesh (also known as Pet Mesh).

In any case, we always use the highest quality locks and hinges, so you can be sure that we meet our Ezy Fit quality guarantee.

Decorative Security Doors

If you are looking for a security door that is easy on the eyes, then a decorative security door is the one for you.  Not only do our decorative doors provide the security that you need, they complement your home while doing so.

Whether you prefer your decorative door to be full security, a barrier, modern or federation style, we have a security door to suit your needs.

Sliding Doors

Installed on your patio door, leading out to your patio or laundry areas, sliding doors can be just covering your patio door, or all the glass area, making it a very secure door.

Always matching the to the existing patio door colour, ensures for a perfect finish.

Whatever door you choose, ever door we install, meets a standard that we would be comfortable to have in our own homes.

Still not sure which security door is right for your home?

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