Pet Door Install Perth | Ezy Fit Doors

Pet Door Repair and Installation

Is your pet a special member of your family? We can fit a pet door to your existing security door and allow your furbaby to come and go as they please. We can usually fit the pet doors on site, so there is no compromise on security to your home.

We look after every member of your family

When you call us, we will ask what type of pet you have and how big it will grow to determine which pet door will suit your needs. We have small, medium and large pet doors, so we can accommodate most pets from the smallest chihuahua to the much larger German Shepherd.  We can even fit a pet flap to your window security screen so the family cat can enter and leave as it likes.

We can fit our pet doors to any style of security screen or security door and our pet flaps are available in standard perspex, and also a soft gel flap if your prefer. At Ezy Fit Doors, we look after every member of your family.