How do Security Doors and Screens add value to your home?

Here’s a thought for you – What appeals the most about a house to you? Security, aesthetics or a good return on investment? Most homeowners or buyers will look for a combination of all these factors. Security doors and screens are one of the few things that have a tick against all three factors. While the primary reason for installing security screens is to add an extra layer of security, they are also proven to improve the value of your home and offer lifestyle benefits. Read on to learn how security doors and screens add value to your home.

1. Give a sense of security

Home is where you are most relaxed and happy. To ensure you can have a peaceful time, you have to have a security system in place. When buyers are looking through their options, they will be more attracted by homes that are well protected against intruders. Real estate agents highlight security doors and screens as attractive features for homeowners. Modern, high-quality security screens and doors provide security as well as enhance your home’s value.

If security screens cannot be fitted on a particular window or door, you have options like security and
safety films. They are great at providing privacy and protecting your interiors from solar glare.

2. Contribute to energy efficiency

Security screens help with energy efficiency in two ways – since they have semi-transparent mesh constituents, they reduce the amount of heat that passes through the window. And second, they help lower energy costs by letting you open the windows without having to worry about your safety. When you use security screens, you’ll still have a layer of protection even when windows or doors are kept open, so a natural breeze can come in and cool you down, especially during summer. You’ll be able to cut down hours of air conditioning and save energy and money.

3. Improve comfort


Security screens and doors help improve the comfort you feel at home. The mesh screens allow fresh air to filter through when windows are open while keeping insects, snakes and other unwanted crawlies out. Security screens and doors also offer you extra privacy. They don’t just add financial value to your home; they also contribute to your home’s comfort value.

4. Reduce insurance premium

Did you know that improving the security of your home could offer you a discount on insurance premiums? Security doors are an additional security measure to keep out burglars and other intruders. When your house has a sound security system in place, it’ll be considered a lesser risk by your insurance company. Since it’s less of a risk, you can lower your insurance premium and save some money!

5. Add an aesthetic appeal to doors and windows

Security doors no longer are dull, black and formidable-looking high grills. They come in various designs and colours. At EzyFit Doors, we can provide custom-made security doors and windows that enhance the look of your home and provide unshakeable security at the same time. A secure house that looks good will always enjoy a higher value than those that are not.

These are some of the ways in which security screens and doors add value to your home. Installing them will improve your security, comfort and even help you be more financially safe. The important point to note is that they should be made from good quality materials and installed properly. At EzyFit Doors, we have a simple policy; if it’s not good for our home, then we’ll never recommend it to our customers either. If you are looking for custom-made security doors and screens, check out our product range to find the best one suited for your home. Or you can just contact us and our sales managers will provide you with obligation-free quotes and product information.