5 Reasons to Install Window Security Screens

Have you been considering installing security screens on your windows and are still not convinced?

At Ezy Fit Doors, we manufacture and install our own security screens. There are many reasons why we do this and why you should install security screens on windows in your home.

Today, we share five of these reasons with you.

1. Security

Did you know that one of the most common entry points for criminals to break into homes is through windows that have been left open to allow fresh air flow?

With security screens, you can leave your windows open and allow beautiful fresh air to flow through your home without putting you and your family’s safety at risk.

At Ezy Fit Doors, we manufacture and install our own security screens to provide an effective barrier against intruders. Our screens fit all windows, including sliding and winder, and we even do fire escape screens.

2. That safe feeling

Not only do security screens provide much-needed security for your home, they help you to feel safe too.

There is nothing better than looking around your home and feeling safe, knowing that you’ve done all that you can do to protect your family.

With our Invisi-Gard security screen, knowing that it absorbs 10x the energy strength prescribed in the Australian Standard, you can feel even more safer.

3. No more pests

Who loves flies buzzing around their home? We don’t know anyone who does and we bet you don’t either! Not only are they irritating, they are unhygienic too.

In Australia, blow flies are a common pest, particularly towards the end of the year. Get prepared early and help keep them out of your home with a security screen!

4. Flowing air & less energy

When working with the layout of your home, installing security screens will allow cross ventilation. This will help you cut down on energy bills during warmer months by letting fresh air circulate naturally around your home to help keep it cool.

Not only will you cut down on energy bills, the flow of fresh air also helps freshen and lighten up your home, as well as preventing mould and unpleasant odours.

5. Stylish looks

Here in Perth, Security Screens are traditionally fitted to the outside of your window frame. As architecture has evolved to provide an ultra-modern, streamlined finish to newer homes, we have improved our fitting system to keep up with this trend.

At Ezy Fit Doors, we now offer seamless security screens fitted from the inside of your home. This means no exposed rivets and a completely flush finish, making them very attractive whilst maintaining the highest level of security.

We also provide a custom colour range, helping make your security screen even more attractive.

These are the reasons why installing security screens on your windows may be a wise investment for your home. Contact us or call on (08) 9248 3993 for an obligation free quote. We provide you with customised security screen designs for windows that provide you and your family safety and security.