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As your local Security Door installer, we are committed to keeping Perth Families safe and secure in their homes. The most important thing to us is that every door we install meets a standard that we would be comfortable to have on our own homes.

Unfortunately, we have noticed the increasing frequency of customers calling us for a quote after a break-in. We hear first hand the impact a home invasion has on the victim and the increasing occurrence of these terrifying crimes.

It is our right to feel safe in our homes and this new epidemic means that our security needs to be the strongest possible deterrent to an intruder that is available today.

We continuously change the way we install and manufacture to improve our security products, and we are experts in this field.

Quote now, install when you are ready

With Perth’s ever expanding communities, and new homes being built every day, we like to work with our customers to ensure that they are safe in their new home from the very first night they spend there.

We are more than happy to quote on the whole house for you and hold your quote for as long as you require. Many of our customers secure their homes over a period of months, or even years, as their budget allows.