7 Common mistakes that compromise home security

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Home security is one thing that all homeowners pay extra attention to. However, some common mistakes end up posing security risks for your home. While homeowners may not be aware of these risks, burglars are quick to spot them and can try breaking into these homes.

So here is a look into some common reasons that make your home vulnerable to security threats and how to avoid these issues.

1. Still hiding door keys under mats or flowerpots?

Hiding a spare key somewhere in the yard is a good idea to enable other family members to gain access when you are away. However, if you still hide your keys under welcome mats or flowerpots, remember that these are the first places burglars search for keys. Try to hide the key away from the entrance at an unexpected location.

2. Are those fences protecting your home or hiding burglars?

Privacy gates and fences are fine as long as they do not offer hiding spots to burglars. Ensure there are no obstacles between the street and the main doorway, so it is easy to spot intruders from within and outside the house. In addition to ensuring that your main doors are visible, consider upgrading to security doors from leading suppliers in Perth.

3. What if burglars are hiding in those thick bushes?

A bit of greenery can make your home look pretty. But those bushes and trees can be perfect hiding places for intruders, especially ones located close to your home. That does not mean you have to let go of all your plants. Keep the densely growing, taller ones away from the house and choose short varieties to plant by the sides of your home. If you have security screens purchased from suppliers in Perth, make sure that your plants do not mask the screens.

4. Did your social media post just mention you are away from home?

Think twice before posting updates on social media platforms. Your travel updates are visible not just to your friends but also to burglars who may be scouring posts that mention holidays, vacations or travel. Keep your posts private and visible only to your closed group to prevent tipping off thieves. Better still, post your vacation photos after you come back.

5. Are those display items inviting burglars?

If a burglar can look in through your windows and spot valuable items on display, they will naturally assume that you have more in store and mark your home for theft. Either keep your valuables out of sight or install window security screens from leading suppliers in Perth.

6. Are you carelessly providing intruders with the right tools?

It is not rare to spot homes with ladders propped up on the side of a wall or lying around in the yard. A ladder makes it easier for a burglar to avoid the protected front door and gain entry to the second floor. To avoid such risks, store away your ladders in the shed and keep it locked at all times. Also, ensure that any tools that make can be used for breaking locks or windows are not easily accessible to anyone who is outside the house.

7. What messages are those piled-up newspapers by your door sending out?

One look at that overflowing mailbox or those newspapers lying scattered by your door, and anyone can guess you are not at home. An empty house is the biggest welcome sign for intruders. Have a neighbour or friend collect mail and newspapers while you are away.

As you may have noticed, it is easy to avoid making these mistakes with a bit of caution. Make sure your doors and windows are reinforced and capable of protecting your home from unwanted intrusions. Is your house doors and windows well protected? We can help you decide on the right kind of security doors and screens for your home. Contact us today for an obligation-free chat and free quote.